Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The adventure begins, kinda

I've been an atheist for some years now. Well, many, many years actually. I like to consider myself open minded in some things. Definitely not all, there are some things it's good to be close minded about. Lately though, I've been wondering if I've closed myself off to the possibility of a deity or deities. Being who I am, I can't leave that alone.

So, where do I start. The best place for me to start any research is to go with the familiar and work my way out from there. Growing up I was raised in xian and spiritual households. My mother being a minister, I think I got to see all the ugly that goes into running a church. There where good times, but I also got to sit in and hear some pretty petty things I'm sure the leaders of the church would rather their fellow congregants not know about. I'd be lying if I said that didn't bias me, but I had already come to the conclusion that a god didn't make sense before any of that.

That leaves me with where to begin, still. Well, xian of course and deism-which is the only way to describe my father's beliefs though it isn't the most accurate. While religion is an interesting topic, it's not my first pick of things to study in my spare time. There's just this nagging feeling that I haven't explored religion to it's full potential, and I can't live with nagging-from myself or others. To negate that I've been reading bibles, various versions. I've been reading books about deism. However, both are bit of a snooze fest. No offense intended, they just aren't my cup of tea-especially when I've got 2 brand new Terry Pratchet books calling to me from the bookshelf, lol.

My conclusion is, I need guidance. I've set out to find a church. My goal is simply to have a better understanding of xians, deists, their beliefs and thought processes. It's just, how do you find the right church for something like this. The hubs and I tried the local UU, but never felt comfortable there. Not because they where unwelcoming, we're just not that social. Home is where are hearts are, and our minds when we aren't there. Homebodies isn't really strong enough. However, I'm willing to set my discomfort aside and expand my mind. Worst case scenario is I learn something new, maybe even make some new friends. If you have any advice for what to look for in a church or religious establishment, please share it with me.

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