Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally made it to a church

Not sure what I was expecting, but had a huge anxiety attack. There where soooo many people there, it was terrifying.  Maybe church and social anxiety don't mix. I talked to some greeters there who where really nice, and one even set a folding chair up by one of the doors for me, which I really appreciated. Sitting in the pews I kinda felt trapped. After the service, which was nice but kind of loud during the hymns, I was ushered into the guest services area. The couple there, who's job is to answer any basic questions, suggested I come to the earlier service or skip service altogether and attend the Sunday school. Apparently you can watch the service online as well as get a DVD.

I took Little Man with me, just so he could get some play time with kids his age, and boy did he. The church is huge! They have a nursery for various age groups. He was in a room full of about 10-15 other 2yr olds. When I picked him up the attendants said he was the most popular kid there, playing with everyone and even going up to the shy ones and getting them to be involved in the group activities. He was really angry that we had to leave and shocked the attendants with his fit, lol. They said he was so well behaved they didn't think he could throw a fit like that. I laughed and said "well, he is perfectly 2". Being a guest, they gave him a baggy with a small stuffed monkey and a CD of children's music. That was nice.

While I did like attending, despite the anxiety, I'm not sure I really took anything away from the experience. What I thought I'd gain from going is a real mystery to me. I think I'll go back 2 or 3 more times to either the early service or the Sunday school. All I want is to get a better understanding of xians, but I'm not sure now that this is the best route. Only the future will tell I guess.

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