Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick update

So, I'm not dead for starters, lol. Just have been crazy busy with work; hence the gap between posts. I successfully recovered from the plague I had around Easter. Still not sure what that was and hope to never have it again. Thankfully no one else caught it. We actually had a fairly nice Easter day, good food, good friends/family, several naps. What more could I ask for really. The hubs took on the role of host, so all I had to do was "stand there and look pretty"-and yes that is a direct quote from my knight in shining armor. He cracks me up.

Haven't been able to make it back to church yet. If I'm not working, we have the stepsons and I'm not willing to give up my time with them for a pet project. I did try to get them to come with me, since they say they're xian, but they didn't want to go. We have however, had several lovely Sundays together, so it's worth the postponement in my mind.

Jobs, I'm down to one. It was to exhausting trying to work both places. I'd get up, dress for BK, grab my uniform for the HHA, lunch and dinner, then head out the door and not get home till after 8pm. Plus, changing cloths in the BK bathroom was less than fun. Now I'm just working at the HHA job. I've more than made up for the hours I lost at BK. I'm getting 40 plus hours a week. It would be better if I could get overtime or even just my mileage reimbursed, but you do whatcha gotta do. The upside is, I've worked it so I can stop at home between clients 3 days a week. This way I can eat lunch with my family, even if they're sleeping while I have breakfast and I'm at work while they have dinner. this week has actually been pretty light, but after last week I needed the break. I'll go more into that in another post.

So that's what's going on in my life. How's yours been?

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